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2019 WS Champions - The Washington Nationals (NL)

The Nats win the World Series in a clutch Game-7 effort, 6-2 over the Houston Astros.  This was a World Series where the HOME team never won a game, as all of the Nats' wins came in Houston and all of the 'Stro's wins came in DC.  Although the AL has been beating up the NL in the annual All-Star game lately, the NL has taken 6 out of the last 10 World Series Championships. 


Catcher Etiquette (or lack thereof) on Display in the WS

In Game-5 the Nats had the count at 2-2 when the pitcher threw what should have been strike 3.  The Nats catcher popped up a little too quickly for the plate umpire and threw the ball around the infield.  To teach the catcher a lesson the ump called the pitch a ball which caused the catcher to talk to the ump face to face.  The best way for a catcher to talk to an ump is from the squat, facing the pitcher.  Don't ever turn around to talk to the ump about a call.  https://thebaseballcodes.com/2019/10/29/no-strike-3-for-you-the-high-cost-of-scuffing-an-umpires-ego-during-the-world-series/


EW Youth Basketball Information

Travel and Recreational Basketball is around the corner.  Click the link below for information on the upcoming TRAVEL and REC seasons.

Click here for EWYB Travel and REC Basketball info.


EW Youth Basketball REC Registration

EWYB is starting the registration process for their 2019-2020 season.  Click on the link below to download the registration form.  Complete the form and drop it off to get registered.

Click here for the EWYB Registration form.  




New East Windsor Little League Board


Zachery Allen

V.P. Baseball

Chris Mickey

V.P. Softball

Amanda Farnan


Jennifer Halpin


Ken Goldstein

Umpire Director

Tim King

League Player Agent

Ken Goldstein - Excluding Majors

Erik Barber - Majors

League Safety Officer

Chris Carter

League Coaching Coordinator

Adam Mehan

Concessions Director(s)

Craig & Ninita Witzke

Equipment Manager

Brian Feeney

Majors Baseball Director

Ken Goldstein

AAA Baseball Director

Ananda (Andy) Hernandez-Rivera

AA Baseball Director

Christine Menard

Instructional Director

Zach Allyn

Al Raymond

SB Majors Director

Amanda Farnan

SB Minors Director

Chris Carter

SB Rookies Director


Fundraising Director

Fawn Bowdidas

Field Maintenance Director

Erik Barber








EWLL Facebook Page

Please visit and LIKE the updated East Windsor Little League Facebook page at 


 2015 Team Photos - Are all available on our  Facebook page.  



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Field Status
ACC Majors - Enfield OPEN (12/8) 
ACC Minors - Enfield OPEN (12/8) 
BBS-1 - Broad Brook OPEN (12/8) 
BBS-3 - Broad Brook OPEN (12/8) 
Bill Lee Field #2 - Bloomfield OPEN (12/8) 
Bill Lee Field #3 - Bloomfield OPEN (12/8) 
Christian-1 - Suffield OPEN (12/8) 
Christian-2 - Suffield OPEN (12/8) 
EWHS - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
EWHS-JV Softball - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
EWHS-Varsity SB - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
Osborn Cage 1 - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
Osborn Cage 2 - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
Osborn-1 - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
Osborn-2 - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
Osborn-4 - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
Osborn-6 - East Windsor OPEN (12/8) 
Pesci-1 - Windsor Locks OPEN (12/8) 
Pesci-2 - Windsor Locks OPEN (12/8) 
Pierce Park - Broad Brook OPEN (12/8) 
Snack Shack - East Windsor TBD (12/8) 
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