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The original Little League, East Windsor’s oldest organized sports league, will be holding its annual registration for players, ages 5 to 16. The programs being offered are tailored to the player’s individual skill level and are designed to teach baseball and softball fundamentals and above all good sportsmanship. Little League rules require that all team members play in every game and our volunteer coaches encourage active participation by all players in both games and practices.

Note: Previously divisions for baseball have been established by age as of April 30 of the calendar year (also referred as “Baseball Age”) per the Little League Rulebook.  Now many ages groups will use a January 1 start date.  Please check the age chart (EWLL Documents Page) for actual ages.  Exceptions to these rules may be made in certain rare instances based on a Waiver process defined by the EWLL Board of Directors.  Softball divisions are based on a players age as of January 1st of the current year.


Instructional Division: Ages 5 and 6 – Stressing the basics and fundamentals.  Players begin their Little League experience with emphasis placed on having fun and building an excellent foundation of skill for future growth.  Players progress from hitting off a tee to learning to hit a ball pitched by their coach.  Children learn fielding positions and responsibilities, ground-ball technique, throwing technique, base running basics, hitting stance, swing mechanics, and catching fundamentals.  Teaching should progress such that understanding of outs, extra-base hits can be applied in the games toward the end of the year.  Games will be played at Broad Brook School.  No win/loss records or scores are kept

Minor AA Division: Ages 7 and 8 – Focus on refining fundamentals and applying them to game situations.  Pitching and catching instruction increases over the course of the season for game incorporation at the end.  Most (if not all) home games will be played at Osborn Field.  Players may travel to neighboring towns for some games.
Hitting skills: players should develop sound swing mechanics that remain healthy against player-pitching, developing healthy swing timing and bat path. 
Base-running skills: players should begin navigating bases safely, understand running with 2 outs, and running on ground balls.  
Defensive skills: players should consistently demonstrate ground ball mechanics, proper throwing technique, understand where to throw to make an out, and demonstrate proper fly-ball technique.

Minor AAA Division: Ages 9 and 10 – A more advanced division with competition and a focus on excellent fundamentals and teamwork.  Players develop stronger skills in pitching and catching.  Players follow all Little League rules with some local rule modifications and are prepared for advanced levels of play. Win/loss records and standings are kept. All home games will be played at Osborn Field. This division competes with some surrounding towns which require some local travel.  All-Star teams compete in District play and can advance to State or Regional Tournaments.
Hitting skills: players develop mental approach toward hitting, refine mechanics to hit with power and consistency, understand bunting and hitting with game situations.
Base-running skills: players learn to steal, tag-up, achieve multi-base hits, advancing two bases on singles, and sliding technique. 
Defense skills: players perfect fielding skills, transitioning from fielding to throwing, stopping lead runner, covering for steals, cut-off plays, outfield skills, cutting off doubles/triples, and other advanced skills. 

Major League Division: Ages 11 and 12 – Our most competitive division, which represents the same age as those you see in the Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, PA.  Players seek excellence in fundamentals, advanced technique and high-quality competition.  Players are expected to demonstrate skills referenced in the AAA Division with more consistent quality and higher attention to impacting the game.  Pitching and catching skills progress to higher levels.  Scores and win/loss records are kept.  All home games will be played at Osborn Field. This division competes with some surrounding towns which require some local travel.  All-Star teams compete in District play and can advance to State, Regional and National Tournaments.

Junior League Division: Ages 13 and 14 – A very competitive division. Scores and win/loss records are kept. All home games will be played at East Windsor Middle School. This division competes with some surrounding towns which require some local travel. All-Star teams at this level can advance to State Tournaments and Junior League Baseball World Series.



Rookies Softball: Ages 7 to 8 – Introduction to softball with players learning to throw, catch, field and bat with a softball.  Coaches pitch to the batters as players learn the basics of fielding and running the bases. The emphasis is on teaching and learning more than winning, so all players bat each inning.  Games are played against other teams from East Windsor as well as surrounding towns.

Minors Softball: Ages 9 to 12 - In this division the girls will also work on the basics of Softball. Hitting, throwing and catching along with expanding the games knowledge of play. At this level the girls will have a good idea of how the game is played. The equipment used at this level is Softball Bats, Softballs and full Catchers Gear. This is a competitive league structure. The girls will be playing against area town teams. This level of play is really fun to watch. We had a great group of girls last season that are moving up to the next level. Come on out and have a great time this Spring season.

Majors Softball: Ages 9 to 12 - At this level the girls play the full game of Softball. The Little League Official Softball rules are used at this level. Equipment at this level is the same as the Minors. This also is a competitive team structure. The girls will play against area town teams. We had great fun last season with this group of girls. They all have the opportunity to move on to the next level. Our Little League Softball Program gets the girls prepared for the competition faced at the Junior and High School Level.

Seniors Softball: Ages 13 to 16 - The girls at this level are experienced at the game of Softball. The game is played by the Official Little League Softball Rules. They use the same equipment as the Majors division. This team will play against local town teams at the competitive level. This division gives girls a chance to play if they did not make a school team. Come out a have a great time!