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Register for the 2020 EWLL season is now OPEN!


Please enter Player Data in the appropriate division.  Note that some 11's in MAJORS might be placed in AAA, or some 10's in AAA might be placed in MAJORS to balance out team rosters.  Similar player shifting between divisions might occur with MINORS and MAJORS softball.

JUNIORS BASEBALL players should register directly with Windsor Locks Little League



Please note that we would encourage all players to register online.  Players can pay by check or online.  Please note that when paying for the registration(s) use "PayPal" and click on the GUEST option if you don't already have a PayPal account.  PayPal accepts most major credit cards.  The EWLL also is accepting checks.  Please mail your checks to EWLL, PO Box 702 Broad Brook, CT 06016.

If you have any problems with registering or paying, please contact Jen Halpin, EWLL Treasurer


NCC Baseball 2020 - Coaches Managers CLONE 2

Welcome to the Registration page for the New 2020 NCC Baseball League.


Coaches and Managers

You must select either "Coach or Manager".

As you register, please feel confident that none of your information will be shown on the website. It will only be used to match you to the teams you elect to be part of. (To be sure, please set all the settings to "Private" on registration form).

The more information you provide (multiple emails, text phone numbers & providers), the more in touch you will be with your team.

When you get sent your password and first log on, the first registration must be an adult. Once you complete your registrations the webmaster will be able to assign you to your team.  Once you are assigned a manager role you can select to receive reminders of games receive changes to schedules, add parents and players and much much more.


Please enjoy the website!!!

Opened: 01/01/2020
Closes: 10/30/2020

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